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        Getting started with hollr

        Welcome to hollr! Hollr makes it easy to store all of your important links and effortlessly share it with people.

        A hollr is a small round tag that sticks to the back of your mobile device. The hollr only contains a link to the hollr platform so that once another phone gets near the tag, a notification appears on the other phone. Tapping on the notification opens a web page with your public profile.

        hollr's use NFC (Near Field Communication) technology to transmit the web address of your public Hollr profile to phones that get close to it. A hollr contains a tiny antenna that transmit only to receivers (phones) up to 1” (2.5cm), so no need to worry about other phones reading your hollr link without permission.

        The tag only holds a web address to the hollr platform. Once you set up your hollr account, only you decide what information the hollr platform holds, and who to share it with. Your social passwords are never shared with hollr, and your social profiles maintain their security settings. You can always change what links are visible publicly, and with our special Hollr Link mode, even have your hollr directly link to a specific account (e.g. Instagram).


        • First, make sure the device is compatible by checking THIS list. If it isn’t, it can still access your public link by scanning the hollr pass in your wallet. Click here to learn how. [Link]
        • Make sure you touch the tag with the top part of the back of your phone (iPhone) or center of the back of your phone (Android). You might want to move it around since different phones have their sensors in different places. [image]
        • hollr tags only work if:
          • The phone screen is turned on
          • The device has internet access (e.g. turn off airplane mode)
          • The flash is off
          • The phone’s camera isn’t open
      • My hollr takes people to the activation page: This means you haven’t activated your hollr. Go to and enter the activation code that’s located on the back of the card you received in the mail.
      • Compatibility

        Read about hollr compatibility >

        Pro Tips

        In order to quickly access your hollr account, you can add an app button for hollr on your home screen. From any mobile browser choose the export option:

        And then choose "Add to Home Screen":

        Share All mode makes your hollr point at your public profile, which contains all of the links you added. Sometimes, however, you want your hollr to directly point at a specific link, for example your LinkedIn profile or Instagram, which is where Share One mode comes into play. To switch from Share All to Share One mode, one the Home page, just flip the toggle button at the top of the screen:

        Hollr supports a very large number of smartphones, but unfortunately, not all phones are yet supported. If you meet someone who has a phone that isn't supported (with, for example, iPhone X or older), the fastest way to share your hollr with them is using Hollr's Apple Pass.
        1. First, download your Apple Pass by tapping on the icon at the bottom of your hollr profile
        2. The pass will load
        3. Tap Add to add the pass to your Apple Wallet
        4. Ask the person to meet to open their phone's camera, and have them point at the QR code on you hollr Pass. This would route them to your profile, or to a specific link, based on your settings.

        1. Scroll to the bottom of your hollr profile.
        2. Tap the Google Wallet icon
        3. Save the pass to your Google Wallet.
        4. Ask the person to meet to open their phone's camera, and have them point at the QR code on you hollr Pass. This would route them to your profile, or to a specific link, based on your settings.


        General Questions
        Hollr tags use NFC (Near Field Communication) to share information in short ranger. It's the same technology that your phone uses for Apple Pay, or companies use for allowing employees to enter the building with employee cards.


        The hollr tag has a small embedded antenna, that transmit a web address in very short range (up to 1" / 2.5cm). The tag doesn't store any personal information, so even if it's lost or stolen, there's nothing personal on it.
        When you activate your Hollr account, we create a public Hollr profile for you, which lets you add social and custom links to it, and share with others. You can always add or remove information from your public profile, and with our Hollr Link Mode, even choose to have the hollr tag direct people to a specific link (like LinkedIn or Instagram, or any other link).
        Many phones are compatible with NFC, and can easily scan your hollr tag to see your public profile.
        Unfortunately some (older) phones are not compatible, so to make sure you can still easily share your information with them, we designed a special Hollr Pass.
        Hollr Pass works like any other Apple or Google passes, like your Starbucks Pass, or Movie Ticket Passes. They hold a QR that links to your public Hollr profile, so you can easily share your link with people with older phones.
        Anyone with a compatible phone can scan your hollr and open your public profile. If they're phone isn't compatible, you can also download a Pass to your phone which holds a QR code to your profile, which the other person can scan instead.
        Your hollr holds a web address to your public Hollr profile, which only holds links you choose to share publicly. You can always toggle which links are visible on your public profile. With our Hollr Link mode, you can choose to link your hollr tag directly to a specific link (for example, your LinkedIn profile).
        We use Google's encryption algorithms to protect your information, and will never share or sell it to 3rd parties.
        You can add as many hollrs to your account as you want! Add another hollr to your account under Manage hollrs. There you will find an Activate a hollr button to activate and add a hollr to your account.
        Your hollr only stores a web address to your public profile, which holds links you choose to share publicly. If you lost your hollr tag, send us an email to and we will deactivate your lost tag, and help you get a new one.
        If positioned correctly, hollr tag doesn't interfere with wireless charging. Make sure you position your hollr tag away from where your phone uses wireless charging (for iPhones, it's at the center of the back of the phone). We recommend positioning the hollr tag at the bottom of the back of your phone.


        Buying and Shipping Questions
        We accept all major credit cards, as well as Paypal payments.
        Deliveries in the US usually take 3-4 business days. Every shipment has a tracking number, so you can always track your hollr as it making its way to you.
        Yes! Shipping is free within the US, but due to high shipping costs we charge shipping to international destination.

        Once your hollr is shipped, we will email you your tracking number. For any questions, contact us at

        Bummer, sorry about that. Send us a quick note to and we'll sort it out quickly.

        Platform Questions

        Go to and enter the 9 digit activation code printed on your mailer. If you lost your activation code, send us a note to and we'll help you locate it.

        When you first activate your tag, we create a hollr account for you and let you add your personal links. You can always login at and edit your links. If you have any questions, email us at

        Some people want to share many links with people, so we created "Share All" mode. Some people, however, want their tag to link directly to a specific link, like their email, or Instagram (or any other link), so we created "Share One" mode.

        Switching modes is easy. Just login to your account, and toggle the switch at the top of the home page.

        Your public profile can be accessed through scanning your hollr tag, or the QR code on your Hollr Pass.

        You can also choose to have a public link you can share with people. To get a public link, choose a unique Profile ID at the top of your Account Settings Page, and toggle the option to share it publicly. You public link is

        Only people who scan your hollr tag can access your public profile. If you choose to share your public profile using a profile ID, people can also access your public profile using 

        Custom links can link to ANYTHING. Paste any web link into the custom link box and customize the link name - you can even use emojis! Add links to booking sites, class sign ups, subscription buttons, ANYTHING! 

        To rearrange your links, just tap and drag on the arrows icon to move your links up or down.

        Every time you make a change to your profile we save it, so no need to worry about saving.