Add Your Digital Business Card to Apple Wallet

Add Your Digital Business Card to Apple Wallet

How many times have you been asked for a business card only to realize...

A. you didn't have one on hand?

B. you ran out?

C. you think that getting "connected" means getting added as a contact in someone's phone?

This happens tor many of us trying to build our network. If we do happen to have cards on us, then it likely gets handed over to our new connection only to be tossed in a pile of other cards, or worse directly into a trash can.

Add a digital business card to your Apple Wallet

One added bonus to using hollr's digital business card to improve networking is the hollr Apple Pass. This allows you to add the same hollr you use for instant sharing to your Apple Wallet and share via QR Code.

To add the hollr Apple Pass, just login to your hollr account and tap the QR Code icon to open your hollr QR. Beneath the QR Code is the "Add to Apple Wallet" button. Once you press that button hollr will generate your pass which you can then add to your Apple Wallet.

Quickly access your hollr Apple Pass

Once you have the hollr digital business card added to your Apple Wallet, you can quickly access it by double pressing the side button. This is the same button you would double press to open Apple Pay. You will see your hollr digital business card stacked together with any other passes you have already added to your wallet.

Just tap on the hollr pass and your QR Code will be ready for sharing. It's an easy way to share with older iPhones that are unable to tap your hollr device. Beyond the digital business card, you can screenshot and print your hollr QR Code in place of static QR Codes.

Add your hollr Digital Business Card to your Apple Wallet