Hollr helps you instantly connect with anyone.

A digital business card that helps you network without struggling to exchange information, both in-person and online.

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Put everything in one place.

Create a profile in less than 20 minutes. No passwords required. Customize it with what you want to share and link to anything. You can add contact info, social channels, websites, sign-ups – anything!

Update your profile on the fly to share the right things with the right people.

Connect with anyone.

They don’t need hollr or an app. You can instantly put what you want to share into the hands of the person you want to connect with.

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Hollr Safe Secure Profiles

Safe and Secure

Hollr doesn’t track any personal data on you or your visitors. Using a hollr device? You can control your hollr devices within the web app in case you lose it.

In-hand – Online – On Location.

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hollr Devices

Hollr Digital Business Cards can be used in-hand or on location. Our remote management and deployment services help your team get up and running faster.

Hollr QR

hollr QR

Your Hollr QR code is dynamic, so no reprinting QR codes if something changes on your profile. Perfect for menus, public places, or even Zoom backgrounds.

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hollr Link

Use your Hollr Link to network in meetings and virtual conferences. It works everywhere you connect with your audience on social or even as your email signature.


Custom Solutions

Your business should leave an impression. As simple as custom hollrs, or as far as integrating with your branded customer experience.

Ask about our custom solutions with support from our team, on-boarding, success training, analytics reporting, and more.

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Over 1,300 businesses are growing with hollr.

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“Hollr has revolutionized the way that I connect with my clients and share my information with leads”

Morgan T. / Business Owner
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“This is a game changeron so many levels.”

Anthony S. / Recruiter
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“As a REALTOR I meet a lot of people and I love that I can now share my information with them directly to their phone.”

Ofer D. / Realtor
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“It’s so easy to access all of our sites and social media links just with one tap.”

Annah S. / Business Owner
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“I meet new clients and I just tell them to scan it and boom they have all of my Links. My clients are in love with it.”

Meidan M. / Realtor
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“Really cool and easy way to give your info to customers!!”

Nikki S. / Business Owner

Never print business cards again.

Make better sense of networking and start building better relationships with the people you want to connect with.

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